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     Maxwell Dickinson grew up at Travelers Rest Arabian Horse Farm near Nashville, Tennessee. Since her early years were spent before and during World War II, when gas rationing limited leaving the country home, she spent many years riding horses from breakfast till supper, training them for gaited horse shows in Tennessee, then later canvassing the back country of California’s wilderness areas after her family’s move to a ranch near Santa Barbara.
      After moving to California as a teenager, Maxi spent many years competing in horse shows, playing polo and winning the United States Sweepstakes in Competitive Endurance Racing. She played guitar at guest ranches, toured with her Country-Western band, has written many articles for magazines, and won “Excellence in Writing” awards at Santa Barbara Writer's Conference. Maxi has excelled at many horse-related professions: horse portrait painter and sculptor, country-western singer with her California Express band and entertainer for TV, radio and nightclubs. 
     Maxwell has taught writing as well as riding and now lives happily on a small ranch in Montecito, California, with her family, loyal dogs and a mini-horse, Marco.

Author of:

Suds, Around the World on a Horse. Thirty-five thousand miles on one horse. Join Maxwell in her quest for the top with a little Morgan/Arab who saved her more than once.

You Kin Do It, Chile. A poignant relationship between a black horse trainer in his eighties and a young blonde girl growing up on a farm in Tennessee.

A Country Mile. The story, at times tender, at times violent, is set against a background of local color in Tennessee. The romance is vivid and the message reiterates Thomas Wolfe’s lament that one can never go home.

No Trail Untried. A vivid description of horse trails: from English to Western, from Australia to Austria, from Death Valley to Canada, through sunny Aspen groves to Whiteouts in the Rocky Mountains.

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Big Lick Walking Horses. An inside look at the illegalities and
mistreatments of this breed for show purposes. (out of print)

Bandana Country: Sixty Ways to use a Cowboy Bandana. (out of print)

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